About us

Kindergarten is the perfect place where your children will play and learn!

In our gardens, situated in the center of the city, every child is special and mirth and the smile are essential ingredients of innovative programs “learn through play”, part of the British educational model.

kids playing

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Located in a beautiful building, spacious and furnished specifically to meet the child’s needs, we ensure uniqueness and individuality of each child is recognized by giving each an “educator-principal’ (“key person”), which works closely with parents. Both play areas and learning each age appropriate rooms arranged in part, and outer space, specially designed to provide continuity of activities in the interior, are designed to inspire and nurture imagination and the continued development of our children.


Places great importance that each child is unique and the family has an important role in your child’s education. Father is the first educator of the child, which is why the Kindergarten encourage partnership with parents, sharing information, so that together we ensure that we provide children the best start possible in life.