Vintage Wedding WordPress Theme

Created: 25/April/2013
By: CraftedPixels Team []

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Vintage Wedding Theme - Fully responsive WordPress theme that looks great on any device. It has 11 Page Templates and 12 Widget Areas. Easily customizable from WordPress Dashboard, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated and cross-browser compatible.

The page templates are:
  1. Vintage Gallery (AJAX filterable Photo Albums Gallery)
  2. Blog (full posts)
  3. Blog Excerpt (summary)
  4. Content + Sidebar Right
  5. Content Half Page + Sidebar Right Half Page
  6. Full Width Page (no sidebar)
  7. Landing Page (no menu)
  8. Sidebar Left + Content
  9. Sidebar Left Half Page + Content Half Page
  10. Sitemap


After activating the theme, you will be prompted to install the required plugin: RSVP and Wedding Invitation.

Customizing Vintage Wedding Theme

There are several options in Appearance:

Theme Options

To access the theme Admin Panel, go to Appearance > Theme Options. Vintage Wedding Theme has the following admin panel tabs:

Create an AJAX filterable photo album gallery page.

RSVP & Wedding Invitations

To add the RSVP form on a page, use the [rsvp] shortcode.

Send email invitations to your wedding and check who completed RSVP.


Grid columns

You can easily organize your page or post content into 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns with shortcodes, by adding your text/content in [col][/col] tags. For example, if you want 2 columns, the shortcode will look like this:

[col 2]First column content here[/col]
[col 2 last]Second column content here[/col]

All the columns are responsive and automatically adapt to any viewing environment (try resizing this window).

Button Colors

Other button colors other than the default are available. To use them, simply add the appropriate css class to your button:

Button Sizes


.PSD and .AI Files

The sources for the image-based elements of new theme version (v2.5) are included in the PSD-AI-files folder.

The sources for the image-based elements of older theme version (v2.4) are included in the old-styles > PSD-AI-files folder.

All the layers are ordered, labeled and organized in groups. Every detail can be modified, including colour/gradient/texture of the ribbons (bouquet and slider ribbon).


Sources and Credits