Kindergarten PSD Template

Created: 26/July/2013
By: CraftedPixels Team []

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PSD Files

To edit Kindergarten Template files, you must first install the necessary fonts. The two fonts used are not included, but you can find the download links in the "Sources and Credits" section of this document.

Kindergarten is a PSD template based on Bootstrap 1170px grid, designed for kindergarten/pre-school/nursery.
12 psd files are included (6 @1x for normal displays and 6 @2x for retina displays) plus 2 psd files with the background texture (@1x and @2x). The files are organized in 3 folders:

  1. @1x
    • Homepage - 01_kindergarten_homepage.psd
    • About - 02_kindergarten_about_us.psd
    • Gallery - 03_kindergarten_gallery.psd
    • Blog - 04_kindergarten_blog.psd
    • Blog post - 05_kindergarten_blog_post.psd
    • Contact - 06_kindergarten_contact.psd
  2. @2x
    • Homepage - 01_kindergarten_homepage@2x.psd
    • About - 02_kindergarten_about_us@2x.psd
    • Gallery - 03_kindergarten_gallery@2x.psd
    • Blog - 04_kindergarten_blog@2x.psd
    • Blog post - 05_kindergarten_blog_post@2x.psd
    • Contact - 06_kindergarten_contact@2x.psd
  3. bg-texture
    • linedpaper.psd
    • linedpaper@2x.psd
All the vectors are layered .ai files included in the .psd files as Smart Objects.

General file structure

The psd files content is structured in three main groups: Header, Content and Footer.

  1. Header contains: Logo, Main Menu and also the Slider (front-page only);

  2. Content is divided into Page (page content) and Tree (which contains all the vectors in the right side);

  3. Footer is divided into Social Media (left side), Links (right side) and Bottom (bottom copyright part).


All the layers are ordered, labeled and organized in groups.

The logo is 100% editable text. Two fonts were used: Royaltea's color is Violette and BD Cartoon Shout (see "Sources and Credits" section for download links).

Sources and Credits