Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Created: 15/November/2013
By: CraftedPixels Team []

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Kindergarten Theme - Features:


Kindergarten Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.6+ (including 4.0). If you have older WordPress versions, please update before using the theme.

After activating the theme, you will be prompted to install the required plugins: CP-ImageGallery and CP-WOWSlider.

As of 10 March 2016 we added a third plugin, CP-Shortcodes-Kindergarten.

Setting up Kindergarten Theme

Kindergarten has a custom front page, so for displaying it and the blog posts page correctly, follow this steps:

  1. Create a new page - name it "Home" and choose "Front Page" template for it;
  2. Create another page and name it "Journal" or Blog" or whatever you want the posts page to be named;
  3. Go to Settings > Reading and set them as static pages for Front Page and Posts Page.

To change the default logo with your logo, go to Appearance > Custom Header. The logo is Retina-optimized (your 360px X 200px logo will be displayed at half size).

CP-WOWSlider plugin

See Setting up for installing.

The front page CP-WOWSlider uses premium WOWSlider javascript effects. The plugin installs with 2 demo images for preview and easy setup. Once you upload your own images, the demo images are automatically replaced.

Slider images are 670px wide by 400px high. For best results it is recommended to upload 670x400 images, or any other size with the same aspect ratio, if possible in .png format.

Uploaded images are automatically resized and shaped like a cloud, there is no need for previous image editing.

To add or edit slider images, go to Plugins > CP-WOWSlider.

If you have not uploaded any images yet, only the "+ Add Slide" button will show. You can also change the transition effect, duration and delay.

Click "+ Add Slide" to add a new image. For each slide, there are several options: Number (for re-ordering), Title and Caption (Description). Please note that, depending on your hosting server, upload image size may vary. That limit is displayed just below the image uploader.

CP-ImageGallery plugin

See Setting up for installing.

Kindergarten has a custom gallery page with filterable photo albums. To use it, create a new page called Gallery (or any other name of your choice) and use the shortcode [cp-image-gallery].

To add or edit albums in your gallery, go to Plugins > CP-ImageGallery. (NOTE: The "Edit" tab shows only when you click an album's Edit button.)


Grid columns

You can easily organize your page or post content into 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns with shortcodes, by adding your text/content in [col][/col] tags. For example, if you want 2 columns, the shortcode will look like this:

[col 2]First column content here[/col]
[col 2 last]Second column content here[/col]

All the columns are responsive and automatically adapt to any viewing environment (try resizing this window).

Button Colors

To display a button of a certain color, simply add the appropriate color name to your button:

Button Sizes

Contact Page & Social Media

Kindergarten comes with a special Contact Page Template with details (address, phone, email, website), Google Maps, social media and contact form.

To activate the Contact Page, simply create a page and name it Contact (or however you want), and choose as template "Contact".

The Contact Page details and the social media icons displayed in the footer and Contact Page are manageable from Theme Options.

Icons are available for RSS, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. For an icon to be displayed, you must add the link to your profile on that social network. To do this go to Appearance > Theme Options.

PSD Files

All the .psd files are included in the "PSD-files" directory.

To edit Kindergarten Template files, you must first install the necessary fonts.

The fonts used are not included, but you can find the download links in the "Sources and Credits" section of this document.

12 psd files are included (6 @1x for normal displays and 6 @2x for retina displays) plus 2 psd files with the background texture (@1x and @2x). The files are organized in 3 folders:

  1. @1x
    • Homepage - 01_kindergarten_homepage.psd
    • About - 02_kindergarten_about_us.psd
    • Gallery - 03_kindergarten_gallery.psd
    • Blog - 04_kindergarten_blog.psd
    • Blog post - 05_kindergarten_blog_post.psd
    • Contact - 06_kindergarten_contact.psd
  2. @2x
    • Homepage - 01_kindergarten_homepage@2x.psd
    • About - 02_kindergarten_about_us@2x.psd
    • Gallery - 03_kindergarten_gallery@2x.psd
    • Blog - 04_kindergarten_blog@2x.psd
    • Blog post - 05_kindergarten_blog_post@2x.psd
    • Contact - 06_kindergarten_contact@2x.psd
  3. bg-texture
    • linedpaper.psd
    • linedpaper@2x.psd
All the vectors are layered .ai files included in the .psd files as Smart Objects.


Sources and Credits